Ever since I could talk, I loved putting together outfits, picking out clothes and accessories— basically everything fashion.

My Nana told me once, “I’ve never seen someone who just knows exactly what they want when they walk into a store!” And that’s true, even now. I know exactly what I want when I pick out clothes!

But when I began to take interest in issues of sustainability, it was hard to find what I wanted in fashion. I was looking for comfortable, cute, affordable pieces that had the earth in mind.

When I realized there aren’t many brands that checked all those boxes, I decided to create something of my own... and eventually, The Good Alma was born.

Each piece is crafted from organic cotton in ethical factories, packaged in compostable materials, and created in small batches to avoid excess and waste.

Hopefully The Good Alma is proof that companies can create more affordable, inclusive, beautiful options without sacrificing a mindful approach to sustainability.

So thank you for being here, for caring, and investing in this dream of mine.


Our mission & practices

Our mission is to create a company that puts the environment and humans at the forefront of our focus. Curious about our ethics and sustainability? Check out more info below on our manufacturing practices and materials. We’ll always be striving to improve and advance as a consciously-created brand.

Established for nearly 20 years, our partner based in Portugal is regularly audited and is approved under BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) audit. These are globally-recognized industry performance indicators covering everything from working conditions, health & safety, reasonable hours, good wages, equality. They’re focused not only on fair treatment, but also providing an enjoyable work environment. We stand against child and forced labor and discrimination in the workplace.

We use OCS-certified 100% organic cotton! This means it is grown without any pesticides, fertilizers or genetically modified seeds. This makes it less harmful for the environment and the farmers. All organic cotton we use is certified by independent, accredited agencies.

Our packaging is recycled enclosed in a 100% compostable mailing bag. Plantable seeded tags are attached to each garment!